A Look Under The Hood — How GDS' Service Innovation System Works From An Org Design Perspective

A Session by Martin Jordan and Jan Schmiedgen
GOV.UK, Governmental Digital Services and co:dify Group

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About this session

Room Capacity: 300 people


Level of Interactivity: Low: Panel Presentation + Chat Q&A


Time change: we now start at 2pm not at noon


Session Description

In most big organizations service design thinking lives a rather isolated life somewhere in the org chart. Small UX/digital/you-name-it teams are trying to cut across silos and often are busier with awareness, legitimization, and training work than really getting things done. One reason for that is that their organizations weren't ready and willing (yet) for the profound change required and the support systems that need to be installed to really diffuse designerly ways of working in their organizations.

The English government, of all organizations, was willing to take these steps. And it did so boldly in the last 10 years with their digital transformation program.

<img alt="GDS Service Innovation System" src="https://codify.in/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/GDS-ServiceInnoSys-Preview.png" style="width: 100%; height: auto;">

In this session, Jan will guide Martin through a virtual 'poster discussion'. You will gain exclusive insights into GDS' support system and operating model for their 'agile staff'. Martin and Jan will touch upon a variety of innovation and support vehicles, that might also serve as an inspiration for your organization.

The session will start with an interview-like input (60%), followed by a discussion with other participants (30%).

By the end of the session, the two can either answer your questions or we can discuss innovation (eco)system design in general.

Tags: #servicedesign. #designthinking, #agile, #innovationsystem, #digitaltransformation, #transformationA

Video Tool This Session Will Use

We will use a browser-based tool. So, no need to download anything. But please make sure that you have updated your browser and switch off all No-Script or Anti-WebRTC plugins before joining. We recommend Chrome.

You will receive a mail with our entry link to the video tool 24h, 1h, and 10min before the session starts. If you don't receive a mail, just check back here an hour before the session starts. We will also post the link here.

Collaboration Tools We Will Use

As this is not a heavily interactive session, we will only use the webinar tool chat during the session. If you have questions before or after the session, please post them in our session's Fleep channel:

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Jan Schmiedgen

Part researcher part innovation strategy advisor: Jan wholeheartedly fights for a 'post-innovation theatre world' and works with companies on lean innovation systems.

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