Home? Office? Works! – Jobs-to-be-done for Home Office workers

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Note: Due to high demand we will adapt the session to fit as many people as possible. (Limit is 500 ppl if everything works fine on the tech side #fingerscrossed) You can become part of a live experiment including a crash course on Jobs-to-be-done, learn and experience how to quantify it!

Requirements: Zoom
Join here: https://zoom.us/j/97156009273?pwd=cENVMExLMStGUVV4YzlJK2wwUEdXdz09
Interactivity: Low to medium (Polls, Q&A)
Recording: Yes (camera optional, all data will be saved anonymously)

Home office workers are drowning in new tools. Hackathons all over the world add thousands of ideas not only for medical purposes but also for collaboration and home office working. But do they really need more tools and apps? What do home office workers really need beyond the basic technologies?

Jobs-to-be-done theory tells us that in order to answer these questions we should focus on the needs of home office workers before developing solutions. Because home office workers don't want Skype or Zoom or Slack, they want to get their job done, i.e. work from home. This is why we initiated a fully digital and open-source Jobs-to-be-done project on the core job «To work from home».

Vendbridge has done over 100 Jobs-to-be-done projects and in the session, we want to give you a look behind the scenes of how an advanced Jobs-to-be-done project is run, how common obstacles can be overcome and get your input on how to improve it. We are in the midst of running the project as the session takes place! We look forward to an inspiring exchange and a hopefully insightful session for anyone interested in Jobs-to-be-done and the true needs of Home Office workers.

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