Large Organisations and Design Thinking - Stories, experience and best practice

A session by Kristian Schneider
Sea Level Coach, Head of global nonsense, KfW / Freelancer

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About this session

Did you ever wonder, how to establish and ran Design Thinking in a large organisation (to my definition: beyond 500 co-workers) ?

Did you ever wonder how to establish and ran Design Thinking in a traditional, centralised, public, "we have always done it like this", developement bank with more than 5.000 people?

I did! So, I took the challenge together with my wonderful co-worker Kerstin. We have done this for over three years now and I want to share our experience.

In this session the key learnings include how to... - set up and establish the method - handle typical challenges from day one until today - scale up knowledge around the method as fast as possible

Please have a pen and a piece of paper ready, I will ask you to write things down. Please be aware of two warm ups to happen, specially designed for this session.

Looking forward to serving you with my experience and overall, most important is, that you take the best out of this session away for you!

Kristian Schneider

Introduced and established Design Thinking in KFW (three years now!) Introduced Design Thinking in "Abus" Training Design Thinking for Google Zukunftswerkstatt Design Thinking Seesion for various organisations

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