(Re)building Your DT Culture for Small Teams

A session by Kamaliah Kasmaruddin and Viveetha Selva
Genovasi Malaysia and Genovasi Malaysia

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About this session

Room Capacity: Restricted to 80 participants

Level of Interactivity: Medium-High / Interactive Session (with video views)

Session Description

Through this session, we at Genovasi Malaysia (aka d.school Malaysia) will get vulnerable in sharing with you how we approach (Re)Building DT Culture in Small Teams different contexts, whether you are a new Design Thinker, recently relocated to a new non-DT environment, or are developing new team members to embrace the DT culture. 

The session is going to take approx 60 mins:

  • on-boarding and stabilising
  • e-warm-up
  • real-user scenario 1 - unpack and debrief
  • real-user scenario 2 (video) - unpack and debrief
  • personal sharing by the hosts (scenario 2) - unpack and debrief

Tags: #designthinking, #agile,  #change , #transformation, #designteams, #DTmindset, #DTCulture, #Adoption

Video Tool This Session Will Use

Zoom: Zoom Link, Zoom IN! Make sure you are prepared.

Collaboration Tools We Will Use

We want to keep it simple but interactive (with least distraction possible), so we will only be using zoom and screen share. Do note that we will be showing videos, so please be patient if its lagging, or better yet - be prepared with the best connection you have! 

If you have questions before or after the session, please post them in our session's Fleep channel: Go to our Fleep channel!


Additional Session Information

If you have a question before the session starts or something is not working while it's running, please go to our session channel "(Re)building Your DT Culture (Participants Room)" in Fleep: Let's Chat at Fleep! and look for information or help.

This will be an interactive session, which strives from the exchange of its participants. Therefore we ask you to please:

a) Pre-register your place in our session here: Registration thru here

b) Enter the session on time. (but we Malaysians are known to be not so punctual ;)) It will be first-come, first-serve. If you are not able to enter anymore because the room is full, please resort to another session, which has more the character of a webinar or talk.



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